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We are on a mission to make the Harrogate District more accessible


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The Harrogate District is a fantastic place to live, work and visit, but is that the same for everyone?

Although we have come a long way there are still many shops, facilities and services that are not accessible to disabled people.

Many businesses, of all sizes, are simply unaware of the value of the accessible tourism and travel market.  They don’t realise the impact that addressing the needs of this sector could have on their business, or how easy it could be.

Our vision is that the Harrogate District becomes truly accessible with no barriers or obstacles to any person. We appreciate that this will be a long term approach which will require commitment over many years, but if today everyone started to ‘think access’ great things could be achieved.

What could this look like?

The accessibility challenge is completely achievable so we should be aiming for a goal of 100%.

Some reasonably easy solutions could include:

  • Great customer service – a warm welcome and a positive attitude to helping someone overcome issues can be just as important as expensive modifications, which we realise are sometimes unachievable or just not viable for smaller businesses
  • Lift and automatic doors that stay open for longer
  • Accessible toilets not used for storage and with easy to open doors
  • Low counters
  • Hearing induction loops
  • Wheelchair friendly footpaths with no A Boards or other obstructions
  • Braille or tactile directions and guidance
  • Level access or ramped entrances

What we want from you – sign our Pledge!!

We want you to sign our pledge to say that

We will ‘think access’ in our day to day operations and in any new and future developments.

We are fully supportive of the vision that the Harrogate District becomes truly accessible with no barriers or obstacles to any person living in, working in or visiting the area.

What we will do for you

  • We can advise you on simple ways in which you can make your business more accessible. We are not going to demand that you make unaffordable or impossible modifications, although if there is an easy solution to accessibility we will tell you ways in which it could be achieved.
  • We can come in and talk to your staff, our disability awareness sessions are delivered mainly by disabled people who can give a first-hand account of what would make their lives easier.
  • We work with the national website Euans Guide, which is the disabled access review website used by disabled people to review, share and discover accessible places to visit.  We can review your business and post the review on this very well used facility.
  • We will give you one of our fantastic ‘We Think Access’ window stickers so that everyone knows that you are part of making the Harrogate District 100% accessible!
  • Sign the pledge below.