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Case Studies

We regularly have opportunities for you to get involved with our charity!

Volunteer John

Meet John Orgles

Having worked full time in NHS dentistry for 30 years – with all the demands that clinical work and running a busy practice bring – I retired.  It was great; I had DIY projects and motorbike restoration and customisation projects to keep my idle hands and mind busy. After two and a half years, and with the onset of winter, I began to feel a certain listlessness and a yearning to interact with people again. Bikes don’t talk back, you see!

I considered part-time employment, but that entailed set hours and holidays, and I still wanted flexibility in my life. Someone suggested volunteering with one of the many charity organisations in Harrogate. I found a website that lists the various charities and volunteer positions, and Disability Action Yorkshire jumped out at me! The role involved working with adults and school age people, and using my hands – just like being a dentist!

What’s your volunteer role at Disability Action Yorkshire?

Based in the workshop of our Furniture Enterprise, my role involves repairing and upcycling furniture with some of the disabled learners who use DAY’s services; helping  them to gain skills that will enable them to live more independently, and actively engage in the community. The furniture is then sold in the Furniture Enterprise to raise vital funds for the charity.

What’s the best thing about volunteering?

I’d say the best things about volunteering for me are the social interaction – with both the learners and the other volunteers and staff – and assisting the learners to achieve their aims. This provides a sense of ‘yes I’ve helped someone today’. It’s a bonus that I’m doing something creative with my hands and brain, which helps the old mind stay youngish for now, and there’s an element of physical exercise as well.

Would you recommend volunteering at Disability Action Yorkshire?
I certainly would recommend volunteering at DAY! It’s really helped me because it’s kept me in touch with the outside world – it keeps my mind ticking over, it’s a good team to work with, and if you do volunteer here, it’ll make you smile at least once a day!