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From left handed to right handed to both handed.

Just over 5 years ago I lost 4 fingers from my dominant hand. I have some use of my thumb which is a huge help. The injury happened during a car accident so it was a long recovery.
Gradually I wanted my independence back. It was the simple everyday tasks that I found hard to find the answers to – how to tie my own shoe laces is a good example.
At first I relied on my husband, Then the curly elastic ones but I really needed some that I could pull tight in trainers to help my balance and help me feel confident. Research, research! I eventually experimented with look laces, the sort that triathletes use for their quick change of shoes. This has been a great success.
I’m still working on the answer – to how to tie a pair of walking boots.
My wish would be to see a national data base with this kind of information . I was 65years old when I lost my fingers, not at easy age to change a life time of habits.
I’’m always be grateful to the many people who helped me. I’m especially grateful to the ICU nurses who drummed into me “how lucky I was”. I am lucky.

Story sent in bySylviaFreeman