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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Business More Accessible

How to make your business more accessible

The UK has more than seven million disabled people of working age, suggesting massive spending power! The definition is known as the “purple pound” and is worth around £250bn to the economy.

There are a number of ways that you can make your business more accessible to disabled people and profit from the purple pound. This article will outline five quick fixes to encourage #accessibility in your building.

  1. Make sure that parking spaces are made available for disabled people. Designated signs to inform of accessible parking areas and drop off points will not cost much and combined with a quick scan of the outside area from time to time will make sure access is available to your building.
  2. Ensure the entrance and any internal corridors are free from obstruction. Also, where you can, keep doors open and if that is not an option then just ensure that they are easy to open
  3. Signs are a really easy fix, so make sure they are appropriately placed, this way customers will see them clearly and be able to follow the correct guidance.
  4. If you have reception and waiting areas make sure a mixture of seating is available and that chairs can be moved around easily to allow for a wheelchair.
  5. Do you provide toilets to the public? If so then provide facilities that disabled people can use. Remember that someone in a wheelchair will have to move around in the bathroom, so try and make sure that the floor remains clear for easy navigation and items such as hand dryers are placed in convenient locations such as next to the sink to avoid unnecessary navigation frustrations.

Do you need any more support with #accessibility in your business? Please feel free to get in touch via our website here or call 01423 855410.